Budget, animal friendly skinpampering

Awwwh the month is nearly over so it’s the time that I’m running out of money. If you are on a budget, care about animals and your skin I am going to surprise you today! Keep on reading to discover these lovely products.


Hema for your budget
Hema is one of the most amazing stores in the Netherlands. They sell budgetfriendly clothing, beautyproducts, decorations and food. All beautyproducts are not tested on animals! They are not vegan, but animalfriendly. So for those who want cleaningproducts, washing powder and others, this is the place to be.

Scrub for a sensitive skin

This scrub is one of my favorites to use. I even take it on holidays. It is not agressive because the particles are small and you can easily use this scrub each other day. It has a rather neutral soapish smell, not the most amazing but not bad neither. I love washing my face in the shower after a work out and finish with this scrub. After using it my skin feels soft and I notice a small glow.



A hydrating mask

This facemask is hydrating your face and you can see it disappear on your skin. Apply a thick layer and you will notice that it really gets absorbed by your skin. The same soap/neutral smell is a bit boring but for €3 you can’t complain. I already used this tube several times and it’s still not finished. The ultimate combination is first scrub and the mask after. Expect a soft feeling and a subtile glow.


Do not expect fancy ingredients but just great masks for this price. If you want to pamper your skin without spending a lot and still use animalfriendly products this is a great option! I absolutely love the soft skin and the glow.


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