Avocado vegan conditioner

My list of budgetfriendly, animalfriendly products continues with today this lovely Avocado conditioner! Again from Alverde, one of the brands I recently discovered. Today you will discover why I love this avocado vegan conditioner so much!

Avocado shower?!
Admit it, from the first moment you have tried an avocado you are hooked. I love them so much that I even have considered getting an avocado-tattoo. Somehow this piece of vitamines became so popular that I just stopped thinking about the ink, but it did not stop me to be hooked on them. So when I saw avocado conditioner I just had to buy it! The price €2,65! Ha what a bargain for a vegan product!


Winter- and summerproof

In winter my hair needs extra protection from the cold so I don’t mind my products being rather heavy. This conditioner does not make my hair greasy at all! So it is really ideal for summer and winter. It is rather creamy, does not have a strong smell. If i have to say anything it smells fresh. The shea butter and avocado protect your hair and will nourish it. Don’t expect miracles but when you let it in for a few minutes you will have soft hair easy to comb! This conditioner does not contain silicones!


Do not expect too much but in general this is a great conditioner for an amazing price! Biggest plus: it’s animal friendly!



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