First tan with the Capita!

After a sunny weekend in the mountains it’s back to Belgium for us! But not without sharing some pictures! The sun was so bright that I even managed to get my first tan, with a SPF 50! And discover why you need to buy a Capita all mountain snowboard!

This holidays was all about sunshine and testing my new Capita-board! What a nice test it was. I discovered this board is much more stable. I manage to go faster and reach more speed while going up. This Capita “Paradise fall “is a rocker with camber between the bindigs. I combined it with Union binding called “Milan”. It is described an all mountain board. Unfortunately I have not been able to test it in powder snow, but for everyday use on the slopes this is a winner. I am a rather petite girl so I had to test the 145 and it was perfect. Not only do I gain more speed I also notice this board reacts very fast. So for all those who need to work on their technique it might be difficult at the first run. Capita is not as well known as Burton and this is why I love it so much! This board is created in Austria at the “capita mothership”! The capita-marketeers know how to create a world of their own! Check out the website!



And how amazing was the weather! I had the chance to start testing my new board in sunny conditions! Ok, it was too hard for ideal slopes but I enjoyed the sun soooooo much! All these pictures are taken at Silvretta Montafon in Voralberg, Austria! This small ski-area is not really popular at the end of March. Due to a low altitute the risk of having less snow is high. But, we almost experienced private slopes! Worth the money, worth the temperatures and I could really race down!



Montafon is so much a winner at the end of March as in the beginning! Sun is making the first tanned faces and you can enjoy a nice meal outside! How else could I be so happy right now!



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