5 reasons to be happy

As the ski-season is almost over it’s always a bit hard to go back to reality. Work, boring times, working out at hope again, summer is not my favorite season. Neither because my body is not nearly at the stage I want it to be! So I want to fight my summerdepression with a list of 5 reasons to be happy.

1) You had an amazing winter and you will have one again next year. Now it’s time to save some money, renovate a bit and spend time at home. I probably seen much more snow than the average person. I had the honor to go to Courchevel, Les Arcs, Meribel, Montafon, Solden and Pitztal! I am already planning next year, a week in Montafon, a week in Les Deux Alpes… perhaps even Canada! I had the honor to sleep in hotels I could never pay myself, met people I will never forget and I finally have new bindings and a board! Oh and in May I have this trip to Amsterdam. Travelling enriches my life and I am blessed to do it this often.


2) We saved a lot of kitties but this one was different. If we haven’t been there she would have died. She was a few hours away from dead. Now she became a cute, playful kitten that I absolutely could not miss! In summer I have more time to be with my cats! Could not miss one of them!


3) I am healthy! I do not have the body I want yet but I conquered a lot this year! I am one year bulimia free in May! Can you imagine, for the first time in over 17 years! It will be the first year that I did not have an eating disorder. Yes I still see myself as in a recovery-kinda-situation but I conquered so much! First I had to be ready to stop vomitting, next deal with the pounds, learn how to stop overeating, dealing again with the weight. Now I am almost there. I work out, try to eat healthy, I still binge at some moments, so it’s a process but I’ll make it! It was a goal I have set myself “not being bulimic at 30” and I’m 14 days away from the finish! Still need to work on the “self love part”


4)My boyfriend is the best! He takes care of me when I’m sad, loves me, hugs me. He takes pictures when I ask him to! He never complains about stupid things, does not watch football, he loves shopping… ok the list of why I love him is too long. You get the idea! I feel blessed everyday to have him in my life!

5) My parent have had so much patience with me! I have 2 degrees, did not do shit with them, they take care of my cats when I am on holidays, the support me the comfort me. Although we did not had that much love during my teens we now reached a point that I need them in my life. I absolutely could not imagine losing one of them!

What’s your reason to be happy? Ps I also love the amount of clothes and shoes I have, but this does not maintain my happy-level!



2 thoughts on “5 reasons to be happy

  1. To answer your question…
    My reasons to be happy are:
    I’m happy with what I’m doing for a living. I love my colleagues. I am happy to have had such a nice boyfriend for that time. I’m sure that we love eachother still but I disagree that we belong together because we’re way to different from each other. I felt connected to him because of his kindness but there was nothing more for me to hold on to. I’m happy that I can get trough the day without hurting myself mentally/physically.
    I’m happy that I am able to take care of myself. Although this wasn’t easy to achieve.
    I’m happy that I can deal with my feelings and let them out when I’m comfortable with it.
    I’m happy that I can still dream big about things and that I’m working on my dreams to come true.
    I’m happy that I got to know you better troughout this blog.
    Couldn’t stop smiling at a certain point.

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