Why you need stripes in your closet.

Stripes, hate it of love but you have to admit it, if you want to look Parisienne you have to get your stripes! A dress, trousers, a shirt or shoes, you have so many options. If you have doubts go for the classic “blue and white” option. Save, Parisienne and classy! Discover why you should invest in this classic item.

Favorite looks from Pinterest

The most easy way to wear stripes is the shirt! Why? Because it fits on jeans, classic trousers, looks fab with a blazer, but it’s also ideal for a day off… you get my point. Endless possibilities.



But a striped shirt is also amazing. It’s the way to dress up without standing out. Boring? No ideal when you don’t want to be over-
or underdressed! Meeting at work, Sunday brunch, first time with your in laws, go for this look! Even better the striped shirt-dress. It is amazing, fits every occassion and just looks good. Scared of your curves? Go for vertical stripes. If you want to go for horizontal stripes, go for narrow stripes and it will have the same effect. These pictures are also from Pinterest.



What do you want to buy?
My favorite looks are from French Connection! Not that expensive, but the quality is amazing! I have choosen 2 of my favorites that you can not miss in your closet? How to be Parisienne? Buy these items, or items that look like these ones from FCUK! You might have noticed that I have already informed you about French Connection, that’s because it is really amazing! If you look for quality clothes for a reasonable price! You should check out the website. If you find the price too high? Wait until sales 😉




How do you like the looks in this post? Do you own stripes? I do! I love my striped Eleven Paris Sweater and I am in expectation from a French Connection piece 🙊! Can’t wait to wear it!
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