Just a bath to breathe

Sometimes all you want are those 15 minutes to relax! I myself believe in taking a bath. Just to relax and just to breathe. Keep on reading why you should go for a relaxing moment and how to make your bathroom into a private spa.

Breathe in and out
Life is hectic. I sometimes stress from the moment I arrive at work until I am home. And then well there are bills to pay, rooms to be cleaned, mounths to be fed… and I even don’t have children! Some people say that we are “a spoiled generation”! They never used to cry about “free time” “quality time” or “me time! Well ok, great for them, but I believe in myself! I like to keep my spirit free, my head free and my stress at home to a minimum! So don’t feel ashamed if you need a small moment to relax!


How to create a home spa

First rule on a nice bathroom… add plants! Sounds awkward? Nope, plants are a natural anti-depressant! They filter the air and they bring life into boring places. Go for spiderplants, they are so carefree. Some water once in a while will do just fine! Here are my bathroom plants.


Next, dim the lights! Yellow light is so much more cosy. If you even want to go for a minimum amount of light just add candles in the room! Instant zen and happy feelings. Another tip is to add some essential oils! Lavender to relax, lemongrass for a fresh smell. You can do this all year long but if you want to make it special, do it one those relaxing occassions.

This pictures describes it all, pinterest is such a great source of inspiration!


Next you can add music, but I prefer listening to the birds. I hear noises all day long so only birds can interrupt the silence! Radio is a no-go, too much junk!
If you are installed lay back and give yourself the full treatment… if you have the time!
A facescrub and mask, a bodyscrub, a mask for your hair and don’t forget your hand and your feet!

Sounds like a huge amount of work? Nope, you will be surprised how soon this can be done and the feeling after is the best!

Do you ever have a home-spa moment?


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