You are a badass woman!

And you can handle each day!

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share some of the most inspiring quotes that you can read to motivate yourself. You know, we all have those days that we just want to sleep. Those days when you almost cry when you drop something. We all have those days, they seem to last forever but in fact YOU ARE A BADASS WOMAN!!


It’s not easy to deal with those moments but sometimes you have to take some time off! You can’t restart the day, but you can pause it! Push that button and just breathe in and out. Stop those bad moments. Take a moment to relax.


I admit I had a million bad moments a year, but lately I got it under control. Not every day is that easy and somehow I found myself often repeating the same words. “Dress up, show up, never give up”, sometimes I found myself repeating them in my car driving to work. Other days I need to repeat them before working out. Because nothing worth having comes easy!


Another quote that I find inspiring is this one from the Wizard of Oz. If you find the power within yourself you can do it all. The difficult part is believing in yourself! But from now on we should all scream ” you’re a badass woman” and we can rule the world!


Or can we even change the world… Just don’t put too much negative energy in others. It’s your world, it’s your life, focus on yourself. Spending time on yourself and putting focus on yourself is nothing to be ashamed off. It’s not the most easy thing to ignore others but you have to do it sometimes.


Do you have some motivational quotes that you need to repeat yourself? Sometimes it is even possible you don’t notice doing it.


4 thoughts on “You are a badass woman!

  1. Ugh, I had one of those days yesterday! I just overslept, skipped college, napped… Did nothing all day! I eventually woke up when it was almost 8pm!!! I picked myself up though – Took a shower and cleaned the house a bit. It’s never too late to turn a crap day into a slightly less crap day!

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  2. Oh, Pinterest, you wealth of self affirmation. Some of my favorite things that I find myself saying are from Amy Poehler, thinks like there’s power in looking silly & not caring; Do what you’re afraid of because you’ll learn something about yourself; being called bossy means you are passionate, engaged, & don’t mind leading. I keep these things on repeat.

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