Ice ice baby, natural facemask

One of my favorite facemaskbrands is 7th heaven, just like freeman they are animalfriendly, approved by Peta, not that expensive and amazing! Today I would love to tell you about this “iced crystal mask”. The mask that reminds you of moment in a nice blue ocean!


Mint and seasalt
You might haved guessed the main ingredients are mint and seasalt creating that real seavibe and freshness. When I think about it this really reminds me of Ocean Salt or Rub rub rub by Lush. Less expensive and just as great. This 7th heaven iced crystal mask has this lovely blue color and one package is just the necessary amount for one time.

Apply, sit back and relax
Whenever I had a hard day I apply a facemask just to relax. This one is different as my regular masks because it has the seasalt in it. I’m not sure if I like it a lot, it will do fine in between normal masks. For sensitive skin this might be too strong, the smell, the salt. This mask is very userfriendly, clean your face, apply the mask and lay back for 15 minutes. I scrub before taking it off and I rinse my face completely with water. What is left is a nice fresh glow. Expect some redness due to the scrubbing, so don’t apply just before leaving your house!



Would you buy again? This mask in particular, I wont repurchase. I prefer regular masks and I have still a jar of Ocean Salt. I am a huge fan of 7th heaven, my favorites are the sauna masks or mud masks! You should check out the website! The products are available in most drugstores and are around $1,37 a package. Most are suitable for one time, but if you are carefull you will be able to use one package for 2 times!

Have you ever tried this brand! It’s ideal for all you animallovers!


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