Invest in an oversized blazer

Hi guys, today I want to introduce you to my favorite “must have” of the year! Not only am I absolutely a fan of this item I am convinced you’ll love it too!
Meet the Oversized blazer, worth an investment and this post will proof it!

Classy and timeless
While strolling down pinterest I discovered the following looks that explain it all. A blazer is a statement piece that has been worn already for ages. Dressing up for work, going for diner… we all have one. I always worn them when I went on jobinterviews. It’s that little piece that gives you that confidence boost that you are looking for. The difference between the oversized version? It looks more casual, yet depending on the fabric it still looks classy. The oversized blazer is the update of a classic!


Ideal in summer
Even more than a regular jacket this oversized blazer is the ideal way to look fabulous! It’s more classy, ideal to stay warm on summerevening. It looks amazing on jeans. Buy a thicker version and you will be able to wear it almost all year long!



If you want a nice, timesless, classy look it might be a better idea to spend a bit more. Why? Because fitting and fabric are so important! Especially if you are going to wear it a lot! And believe me you will! Colors to go for are grey and black. If you spend more you better stay away from colors that are to seasonal. You want it to last fashionablr more than one year.



The oversized blazer or boyfriend blazer will be one of those items that soon will become your favorite piece. Wear it with a shirt and jeans to look casual. Dress up with heals for a more fancy look.


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