Reasons to visit Canada

As a snowlover you have seceral dreams. From waking up with 20 cm of fresh pow to being the first on the mountain. Many visit foreign countries like Japan, Norway or Chilli…Discovering Canada is one of mine. Want to know why, keep on reading and you’ll find several reasons to visit Canada!To proof my point I added amazing pictures from Pinterest.

Canada is a nature wonder

No other country has such a coastline,those mountains,lakes,forests, animals and even a dessert! It does not even matter which season you go, you’ll be surprised.


The winterpossibilities
Canada has amazing skiresorts, you can go offpiste, have helidrops,… Canada is one of those places that is still blessed with huge amounts of snow! So expect a fresh pack of snow even on the slopes!!And those cabinetes in the woods! Can I just live their please? The nature in Canada is still so pure!!



Amazing views
Thanks to the dazzling nature you can have amazing views all over the mountains. It’s breathtaking and I even heard that it’s hard to go back home. A lot of wintersportlovers get hooked on Canada so much that they never return home. Next fact is that the small villages and resorts are really beautiful.


Not such a Nature lover as me? Visit cities as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal! Canadian cities are amongst the most liveable in the world! Do I need to say more? Or this picture will probably just do…


When you read travelblogs you will also notice that Candian people are friendly, welcomming people! Such an amazing thing that will add so much more to your trip! And the food… Canadianfood must be jummy so honestly I can’t wait to start thinking about the trip. My boyfriend and I got talking in to this Canadian trip by another friend and I am already hooked. 10 days in Canada.. bring it on. Ok I am sure it will cost a lot of money, but this trip is worth saving a few months! So who knows that this or next year I will be hiking in the Canadian backcountry looking for perfect slopes!


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