Meet Avobath! My favorite bath bomb!

All you Lushlovers the long search is over, I discovered my favorite bath bomb!

Hi Guys, when I state something as clear as this you might really take me serious! After a few times of trying and disliking bath bombs I just found my favorite one! Avobath! And I have to admit I never tried him before because I dislike the color but woooow those days are over.

That smell
When I took the Avobath at the Lush store I still was not convinced. But hey I love avocados so let’s give it a try. After an exhausting run I wanted to relax and popped the Avobath in my tub! That lemongrass smell, oh it was heaven! Refreshing after a hard run but also ideal after a long day at work. This Avobath smells like the Refresher! Ideal to wake up or give you that boost that you need!


The moisturizing effect
Bergamoth oils and fresh avocado nourish your skin. Not only will you be amazed by the lemongrass smell you also will be so happy when you spot the little pieces of avocado in your tub! I could really spend an hour in my tub if I had the time. So relaxing and uplifting at the same time! I had bath bombs who left an oily layer on my skin, which I don’t like at all. I had bath bombs who colored my tub, don’t like it either! But this one is perfect. Moisturizing without feeling greasy!



Must buy!
I strongly suggest to try the avobath if you haven’t tried it before! It’s the lemonsmell that really makes me happy but also the green color! I could never imagine being so into green! And those small pieces of Avocado.. it’s too cute! Honestly this is a non sponsored post, and I would never tell a lie about a product! Go to the shop, buy it and try it! Let me know how you enjoyed the Avobath!




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