5 unpopular things I like

Hi guys, todays I wanted to inform you about the most “not hip” or even unpopular things that I like! Yes I’m not all into every trend and some “wrongs” I can’t shake off! These are my guilty pleasures! And honestly I could not care less if you look at me different now ;-)!

Ok, most people are into big fantastic tattoos and I admit I love a great tattoo but I have a weakness for oldschool aaaand especially for these punk tattoos. Have no idea what I mean, here is a pictures from pinterest.


The natural part is so important, nothing worse than drawn brows. I love how thick brows can really make a face. Big brows does also not mean a unibrow! You have to have 2 brows but the bigger the better. I absolutely feel blessed that I have those strong big brows that I love.



Another one of my favorite things are HIGH WAISTED underpants! Oh some might think it’s ugly, not sexy but I love my underwear practical! Big enough to hide some things, you get my idea. I do believe that some High waisted pants can be hot as hell and these pictures are the proof!



Being a LONEr!
I do not have loads of friends and I do not might most of the time. I am a loner, I love being home (when I am home)with my cats. I consider myself lucky to have a few friends that I cate so much about and those people are worth my time. Although I try to be a big mounthed girl I hate busy places and big crowds. I get anxious in crowded places a lot. Sometimes I am overfriendly to people and I do make new friends easily, but somedays I just want to spend at home… with nothing but myself, the cats and my internetfriends.


Last but not least I LOVE WINTER and dislike summer! Why? I hate sweat, I don’t like skirts, I am to insecure for summer. I like it best when I can wears jeans and a shirt… if it’s too hot for one of those I’m not liking it! Bikikis and beaches are always good abroad but not in my own country.


Do you ever thought about a list like this?


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