Cruelty free because bunnies!

Hi guys, Easter is almost around the corner and we are all thinking about cute bunnies! Did you know that most make up brands still use those cute little bunnies! They test your make up in their eyes, skin, lips… this post will not show the horrible imagine but it will be a guide to buy better! Yes you will known all brands that you should avoid and buy from now on! Because if you want the imagine to stop, you have to act yourself!


Both High-end brand as affordable brands are investing in becoming cruelty free. Most well known brands that are animalfriendly are Lush, Kat Von D, Urban Decay and Louis Widmer.But also less expensive brands do there best, best priced E.l.f is even vegan! When you buy make up brushes be aware, some brushes are made of horse hairs. You will be amazed when you read what kind of ingredients are from animals.


But you can find animalfriendly options everywhere! The following picture is the best one available!


Personally I use a lot of Hemaproducts (dutch brand). It’s really afordable, great quality and they even offer cleaning products! Other brand that I love are freeman beauty for the facemasks and dr organic for moisturizers. Shampoo is mostly from Lush although I love german brand Alverde too. Next up I have Hurraw lipbalm in every bag. I tried Nyx mascara but was not really impressed. I will place an E.l.f- order soon. Why? Because it’s cheap, the quality is said to be good so I absolutely need to test it.


Still doubt why? You shouldn’t. Cruelty free beauty products can be bought everywhere. You can spend as much as you want or think about your budget! So please next time you buy something.. think about those cute bunnies!



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