Reasons to run in the woods

Working out is sometimes dull and boring! Did I say that? Yes I did! I prefer working out at home with the Tv on. When I go running at the street I always play music but recently I discovered the blessing of running in the forest. Here you can find all reasons to run in the woods.

The woods are silent

After a hard day at work nothing is more relaxing than the sound of silence. Really, you don’t need music in the woods. Birds will provide the necessary sounds. I do take my phone with me to track time and to keep a record. If you do find a workout without music a no go, just try to lower the volume!

Cardio and muscles

When a normal run is mainly focussed on working on your cardio you will notice that running in the woods will improve your muscles. Up hill, down hill, loose sand you will feel the burn! Don’t be sad when you won’t be able to run the same amount of miles in the woods as on the street!!


Nobody watches you
If you feel not that comfortable running in public this is your option! The people you will cross are probably running, mountainbiking or walking. They will look as ridiculous as you ;-)! Actually if I pass 5 people each time it’s a lot. Much better than people staring at you from their car.


Awkward advantages

Did you know that the smell of trees reduces stress? Me neither but it sure is another big reason to give it a try.
And another plus is the fact that the air is more clean in the forest. Not that awkward but a big surplus if you ask me! Trail running often reduces depressions! In summer the trees will protect you against the heat and you will have more oxigen! When it rains the trees will protect you more and you’ll be less soaked!

Honestly I believe that this workout is much more fun than a regular run! I still have to improve but trailrunning is my new thing! I feel my legs are getting the workout they need! Preparing for summer and next winter! 😉



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