Do your peeling!

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to inform you on the importance of skincare! In specific a “peeling” because you might not know but… Once a week you should go for the complete package! Read a facesmask and a peeling! Keep on reading to discover why and the ones that I love.

That ultimate glow!

I often wear no make up at all! I hear you thinking already “she’s crazy, insane..”. Well at work I do sometimes wear make up when I feel bad but when I am in the mountains make up is a no go! I don’t want to worry about make up when I’m drifting in the snow! So I do take extra care for my skin! In the morning and evening is cleaning standard! Next I try to scrub (ideal each 2 or 3 days) and once a week I go for a facemask and peeing. Depending on the way I feel I pamper myself and do once a hydrating mask and the other time a purifing mask. But also standard is a peeling, just to get as close as possible to that ultimate glow.

Why peelings?
A peeling removes that extra layer of grease on your skin. It will avoid blackheads and pimpels to grow! If you want a soft skin, you can’t ignore the peeling. Especially when you have a greasy skin you need to use a peeling. If you know that we loose skin each minute it really helps to take the layer off that is left on your face. It’s just a part of the routine that keeps your skin healthy. If you use a peeling weekly you will look younger, your skin will be less greasy.

My favorites

I do switch between Freeman beauty and These babies! 7th heaven peelings! Honestly they offer so many option that you will find one that is perfect for your skin.


My ultimate favorite has to be this purifing and d-stressing mask! It’s relaxing and cleaning in one! I love the packaging because one mask is just the right amount. You don’t use too much, too little just use one package. The peeling also does not drip. You can move if you want to. Let it rest on your face until it’s completely dry and just peel it off!


Curious about the content of these masks! Here are 2 different packages! As you might already know the 7th heaven -montagne jeunesse is approved by Peta!!



Did you actually have tried these peelings? Or do you never use a peeling? Yes you can go for a chemical peeling too, it might be more effective but I prefer natural products 💖😊


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