My heart skips a beat

In a few days I will be leaving to Montafon. Best news of the day… until now they tell it will be snowing at least 2 days! My heart skips a beat…

Because I want to wake up with this view:

After being almost 30 days in Austria I did not had the chance to see this view. I mean ok I don’t complain but I do actually miss this😍. It makes this place so magical!

Because I want more of this:

You can see I’m a happy camper between the trees. Not many people, great snow,offpiste is the best thing in life.
When you push your limits, your heart will skip a beat!

Because I should work here:

I am still trying to discover how my hobby can become my profession. Not sure if this is ever possible. I never have been so happy in a place as in the mountains.

Because this is where I smile:

You all know that the mountainlife is my absolute passion. Sometimes I wonder how hooked you can be on something

So whenever I think about next week being my last time up the mountains for so many months.. I kinda feel sad. At the start of the season we have some many plans and goals. It just was over so fast.


With all my heart I actually hope next season will be just as amazing. I still feel blessed to be able to travel so much. When I know that now I will be working for a few months “fulltime” again I get scared. Sometimes even 2 weeks is more than enough. I get tired of things easily and I have this feeling already. It’s actually the first year on my new job and I got already a lot of complaints about my wanderlust. But hey, follow your heart has been my motto for years. Not gonna change that for any job. Honestly I try to ignore the workdepression just one more week until I’m off again!



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