Rawfood Julie’s Chocoshake

After a long run a smoothie can really improve the recovery process. It’s also ideal to beat those cravings. Especially this VEGAN RAW chocoshake is ideal to beat your sweettooth and to get an energyboost! Want to discover more, keep on reading!

Raw food Julie
Let me first introduce you the chef, Julie is one of the first who introduced RAW food in Belgium! Her instagram is packed with delicious raw and vegan food and she has her own website with amazing delicious ideas! Check it out and you will be amazed! She introduced her own range of raw, vegan homemade food with her partner Simon. It’s called All Good Cuisine and it is absolutely drooling when you check the pictures.

Chocoshakes to recover
I always start my day with a smoothiebowl and I absolutely love them. So I love trying new recepies. When I came across this Chocolate Shake I immediately wanted to try it. This is ideal to boost your energylevels after a run and contains only healthy ingredients! When recovery beverages always exist with bullshit ingredients this one is pure, healthy and packing with essentials!

The ingredientlist
1, 1/4 cup of water
2 dates (make sure to remove the seed)
1, 1/2 spoon of cacaopowder
1 banana (fresh or frozen)
1 pear (or you can use another banana)
1 or 0,5 an avocado
1, 1/2 spoon of peanutbutter

If you wish you can add some icecubes. You can also add some spinach if you want to add greens.
This smoothie is ideal after a workout! Honestly I can imagine this taking away the afterworkout cravings.


Have you ever tried this shake? Or you planning to try it! Let me know! I absolutely loved it and I am curious whay you think about it! Originally this is a smoothie-creation from THe Green Blender in New York! So thankful that Julie introduced it in Belgium!
You have to check out her website!


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