Brussels or Antwerp

Hi Guys, today I did my first visit to the capital of Belgium.. Brussels. Did I like it? Do you have to visit it? Keep on reading to discover.

Bruxelles ma belle

After the attack in Brussels our country got a bit of a bad vibe. Unfortunately a lot of attacks later people got less scared and are getting back to Brussels. We try to live with the fact that we can be attacked any minute. Everywhere in the world. And you can still feel it anywhere in Belgium. Military and police is still heavy present in our capital. Just like in Antwerp. But in Brussels they are even more present. Although the law is on every corner the streets are still packed with people! Honestly this does not stop the pretty view.


While most stores in Antwerp are located at the same area,Brussels is way bigger! Expect long distance walks when you visit the capital. I guess I only visited a small part of Brussels but I was already exhausted! I wanted to visit the Louisalaan and Nieuwstraat, 4 kilometer walk, that I did not expected! The Louisalaan is packed with more classy stores. From Essentiel, MaxMara, Chanel, Dior to Pinko, Twin Set etc. Nieuwstraat is known for the more chainstores. They have every store you can expect in Brussels, from Lush to H&M.



Packed and crowded

What enoyed me the most was the amount of people! Altough I am used to the busy moments in Antwerp I still felt like Brussels was even more crowded! I did not like shopping in Brussels at all! It was way too crowded, stores were far apart. Oh and people will always talk to you in French. I don’t mind it but I can feel it being awkward at the first moment. Brussels is more touristic and I could not imagine being there every weekend. I feel like I have to go back once again, but I do also feel the need to stay away.


So honestly I prefer Antwerp.. why because I know all the hotspots and secret places! If I ever go back to Brussels I need to do some research first but I was not convinced at all! Probably to the high amount of tourist and homeless people. Yes, expect them to be everywhere. A sad thing in my opinion… even children live on the streets of Brussels 😞


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