Lush “wash behind your ears”

Oh what a pleasure it is to walk inside a Lush store around a holiday! Secretely I have nothing with Easter but when I spotted the Lushcollection I got more sickes about april! Today I’ll introduce the “wash behind your ears” showergel.

In your face color
Normally I have a strong preference for pink things and although they had a new pink jelly I did went for this screaming orange bottle! The combination of the vivid orange and funny namen got me all exited. No I had to just buy it, I did not even smell it.. it just went in my shopping basket.


Smells like roses

Slightly happen I was when I opened the bottle to smell this lovely “wash behind your ears”. They says it smells like carrots, but I just don’t find that right at all! What you get is the most impressive, complicated flower perfume. A mix of roses, jasmine and neroli. Not the most easy smell! You will like it, love it or hate it.. no way in between! I can appreciate it. I can imagine to relax in a hot bath and use this one. Even in summer. Although for me it feels a bit like a strong wintersmell.


Ease the day

With it’s complicated smell it’s not a shower to wake up by! If you don’t like it yourself chances are your boyfriend/ a make friend will love it. Due to it’s heavy perfume. Some say it remembers them of musk! So would I buy it again? Yes! I love it! But hell I am complicated myself! So if you love strong smells, don’t like it too sweet this is your thing!

– ideal to ease after a long day
– that color puts a smile on your face
– animal friendly
– unique smell. It does not remind me of other Lush products.



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