Brand to watch JORD

Hi Guys, today I want to introduce you to this amazing watchbrand… woodwatches by jord.

Woodwatches by Jord are from the USA with a specific mission. Not only do they create a timeless, elegant watch it’s also sustainable, trendy and special! Woodwatches are here to remind you that you have places to gone and time is important.

Next up the Woodwatches by Jorn are refined and you’ll be surprised how you receive the watch. It comes with a tube of oil to keep your watch in the best condition. Next it’s packed in a nice wooden box and even a pack that keeps the moist out of the box. You can even arrange the size online or engrave them. When you run out of oil of humidity packs you can easily order them online. If you ask me woodwatches by Jord are a complete package! Nice looking watch, amazing box and great service!!

I ordered my Jordwatch last week and it already came in 7 days later! No need to ship express or anything! Shipping is free to Europe so that’s an extra plus. I went for a light wooden watch, easy to combine with all outfits. This watch is made from Maple wood origined from Northeastern North America. You can find all details of the wood used on the website!


Why should you buy a woodwatch from Jord?
– it’s rather unknown so you own a real unique piece
– high quality, unique design yet timeless
– matches with mosts outfits
– ideal for people who love nature

If you ask me this watch matches my personality! I am an explorer, always run out of time because I want to discover. Woodwatches have this amazing nature-vibe. So if you want to stand out, go for a wooden watch!

More details for these amazing watches can be found on the website.

Follow me on instagram @seesje for more pictures with this pretty woodwatch!


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