Hi Guys, when you read this I will be back home but I absolutely wanted to share some amazing pictures.
Happy to spent my 30th birthday in Montafon, Austria!

I Guess you already know how hooked I am on this place ;-). And I always imagined the love would cool down over the years, but no this is not happening. Each year passes by and each time it feels like being home again.


Not only because the view is amazing but also because I feel free at this place. I am not the most talented one but on my snowboard I feel great! Yes, I know I can’t jump, fall a lot, not the fastest… honestly I never imagined trying to hold on to one thing this hard. I am not a quitter but I get bored easily! Not with snowboarding.


And the most rewarding of it all, I still see progress every year! Perhaps this is the trigger. Progress might be my biggest motivation. It’s at least what I miss at work.


The pictures in this post are taking at ski-area Golm in Montafon! One of my favorites. Especially so late, because no other people where here! Truely the best way to start the weekend! As you can see, ideal to act crazy and try some awkward things. Some say that you grow up with time, but I still love to act just silly! Because it’s the way to keep on feeling young and staying fit. If you act crazy during a workout it seems less of a hard task to do!


Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures a bit! I’m probably almost home, time to do laundry, clean, hug kitties and sleep!

Keep on following my blog because more pictures of this trip will show up this week!


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