Alverde Vegan Bodybutter

Hi Guys, another beautyreview for you! Today I want to introduce the vegan bodybutter from Alverde! It’s not the first time that I have introduced Alverde products to you and here is a new one!

Macadamia bodybutter

Alverde is known in Germany as an animalfriendly beautybrand. It is not expensive at all and the products are clearly marked as vegan or not. I bought this bodybutter for the lovely price of €2,95! Crazy! Yes it is! I bought a vegan peeling, shampoo, conditioner and this bodybutter for only €11,20! But is this bodybutter good?


I have dry skin, especially in winter so I do love bodylotion. Often is find Lush too expensive, so I switch between animalfriendly brands. I also hate bodybutters that are too greasy, I don’t want to wait until they are dry… you know what I mean. This bodybutter is not thick and creamy, it is a only a bit thicker than a regular bodylotion. I used it after a shower and was surprised how fast my skin absorbed the bodybutter!


As you can say they left all color out. And also all perfume. Perhas this is the reason why it is so cheap. I could not believe how great this product worked. If you use it on a regular basis you will have a more hydrated skin. Especially on your elbows. I am actually sold already. As I have already tried some Alverde products this brand has not yet failed me. And if it does, it’s only €3 max!


Pluspoints on this macadamian bodybutter:
– it’s animalfriendly; not tested on animals and even vegan!
– no strong smell, do not worry nothing to like or dislike
– moisturizes well
– absorbed easily, not greasy
– the price

Most bodybutters are priced from €8 or higher. I admit I prefer the smell of the Body Shop, but the perfume is not worth the extra money! This product is ideal to use everyday! You don’t have to be scared to use a bit more because the price is sick!


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