One picture

Today I wanted to share my most amazing picture of the past holidays with you! I have chosen a picture that describes so many emotions without even seeing my face. Sometimes one picture can say so much!

My “one picture”


My one picture is taken in a gondel in Gargellen at my birthday! Sometimes people imagine getting drunk or party all night long but I actually skipped that. I have spent the entire day in Gargellen, a small town in Montafon. We went skiing, enjoyed a local waterattack (skiing on water) and had some drinks. It was really not that special but this picture just makes me happy.


I spent the day with the person I love the most, doing what I love most! Shopping, diner, partynight… oh please I can do that all year long. I’d rather spent my birthday on my snowboard! And we had the awesome luck to even have some sun. I could not be more happy. This one pictures sums it up. My happy place with my favorite buddy! How lucky can a girl/woman be? Because although the number might get higher but my attitude will stay young!

Yes I am thankful every day to be able to do this! Whenever I am up in the mountains I feel free, happy and so good. How could I wish for anything else! Seriously!

It might have took some years but finally I found my dreams. Chanel might be nice for a few years, but it can not be the same as the memories and expierences in life. A life filled with views that just take your breathe. A life where work just has become a reason to travel. A life that is based on 2 people who love eachother!


What is that “one picture” that means the world to you! It describes your everything! Your passion! Dreams! Feel free to link to your blog or share in the comment!


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