Snow in April

What a weekend! We celebrated my birthday while being blessed with around 40 cm of new snow!

You can already imagine that it was a great weekend! Most awesome part of snow in April… almost no people are on the slopes! And you need sunscreen! In April you will have blue birds, sunshine and food outside!

Who could imagine I would even have fresh pow! The best snow of the year!


It was amazing. Almost no people. The few people who are up the mountain are just as enthousiastic as me or are locals. You could hear everybody wooohooo-ing! Laughing, saying good morning and happy easter! The mood was so great.


Prices of hotels and appartments are so low that it’s even budgetproof to go on skiholiday this time.
Don’t forget that you might even want to buy new material this time a year. New bindings, new board… Half price! Now that’s a bargain! It might be the reason for all you shopaholics to go skiing in April…
Sales sales sales everywhere!


A nice dinner in the sun, a glass of wine after skiing! Not too much aprés-ski situations. Yes going for a dinner or drink is even more fun in april. You even don’t have to worry about your look because… nobody cares!!!!


April, it means most people are craving for sun but you might just also crave peace and fun! Skiing is the best option! It gives you sunshine and also rest, you’ll sea birds on the slopes, hear the wind… you will be relaxed after.


Time to practice! This is the moment to start working on your skills. Hardly anybody around to see you fall down!


Do you really need more reasons to go on skiholidays in April? I don’t think so! I will go again in April next season.


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