Today I want to show you one of the favorite trends that I have met this year. In this post I will make you understand why I love the Kimono so much. All pictures are from Pinterest! Keep on reading if you want to know how to style the kimono! Learn how to wear it like a fashionista.

Kimonos are from the Japanese culture and are mostly in bright colors combined with flowers. In the Japanese culture they are closed and actually worn as a dress but in the fashion-world it became a jacket and a statement piece.


On jeans
The kimono is a great way to update a classic, boring look! Wear it instead of a blazer or cardigan. But beware, the kimono has more colors so you have to keep the basic outfit simple. This blue jeans, white shirt or if you want to keep it simple “all black.”



On a dress
If you wear a simple dress you can always go for a kimono to look a bit more special. A short dress will be less naked and revealing. If you want to wear it on a long dress it might be a bit more harder to find the ideal kimono. But don’t let it hold you back because it will look good!


To the office

If you want to wear the kimono to the office, try to go for a simple design. Don’t overdo it, think as the kimono as a blazer. If you are blessed with an openminded workplace you can go wild, if you have to dress down… take a look at the following picture. The fabric might already be important, dressing up is more easy when you avoid silk. Silk might be seen as fabric for the evening and not appreciated in every office.


My favorite look

I absolutely love a long kimono. But this might not be the most easy option. If you want to dress more easy go for a short version and avoid fridges. You will see you will love it. The flowers on this kimono are more easy to wear.


I looked for some amazing Kimonos and have selected the ones I loved the most.

This co couture is for all you ladies who does not want flowers but a different print! Ideal in a neutral color and short so easy to wear.


Looking for long, but not a flowerlover… this co couture peacock is amazing!


Floral kimonos can be found on asos. I love the pink one for summer and the blue one because it’s that bit longer.




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