Lush Mother’s day Baa Bar

Hi guys,

Today I just wanted to share my Mother day essentials from Lush. I already reviewed the Wash Behind Your Ears. Today it’s about the baa bar!
Aka that little cute sheep on the picture.

Baa bar
The name and the look already tell a lot, this cute little sheep will steal your heart. The Baa bar is purple and white with little amount of glitters. The smell? Rose, lavender and ylang ylang, aka ideal to fall asleep! Yes this baa bar will help you relax and sleepy. Ideal after a long day! Next you will also smell a bit of bergamot and violets.


Too cute

This amazing Lush bar will relax you and leave your skin moisturized. I love the fact that you smell the lavender for a while after bathing. If you use half a bar your bathwater will turn purple and your bathroom will be filled with a relaxing scent! Yes because… the centre is filled with the same vivid purple color as the head!


Soya milk is added in this bubble bar, giving it the same feeling as a milky bath bar. This will have a moisturizing effect, when you use half a bar you will not have to use a bodylotion after.
If you like violets, funny shaped bubble bars and a relaxing bath.. this is your bubble bar! I regret not buying more of these little sheep.

Only negative thing I could find is the size… it could have been bigger for the price. But it’s an exclusive product so for once I do not care this much. During the year I always buy the large bars. I did however read reviews that you can easily use one sheep 3 or 4 times. I find 4 times hard to believe, but 3 could be possible.

Great news: this product is vegan! Oh and yes just like all Lush products: animalfriendly!


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