Happy kitty, adopted kitty

Hi Guys,

Today not a long post. I just wanted to share some pictures of my adoption babies. Meet my Moschino.

This gigantic kitty was dropped off and turned up in my garden. He wandered around my house a couple of weeks, stole my mothers heart, my heart and my boyfriends heart. We fed him already because he was “miauwing” all day long. After a couple of days, he decided to stay at our place. Since one year this kitty is part of our family.

4 years old

Dropped off or ran away? Actually no chip, nobody searched him, but he was castreted. So my guess, he was dropped off.

Scared of noises, does not love most people! Antisocial kitty.


After one year, he has become a real part of our family. At first he did not really dared to lay with us. He was more nervous, always looking around. We could pet him, but only for 5 minutes.
Nowadays, he spends his days on our couch, showing his belly to pet him. This last thing is a true sign of trust. If you ever have the honor to pet a kitty, the cat really trusts you.


Actually the best part of it all, he even stole my neighbours heart. He gets food from them, yet he always comes back to us. He became such an amazing sweet cat. Last week he just rolled on his belly for my mom. The difference in 12 months is so big. And we will never know his real name, but he listens to his new name.


So for anybody who dumps animals! Be ashamed! For all you others, before buying a cute little animal, think about adoption. You will be amazed by the love you will receive! Please think before you buy or adopt a pet, it’s for its life!



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