Animal Friendly Nailpolish

Hi Guys, I noticed that a lot of people are asking more and more about animal friendly products. I already introduced some brands, but today I found this amazing picture on pinterest.

So why should you even consider animal friendly nailpolish? Well because bunnies, monkeys, cats, dogs, are not to be used as a tester! Some brands in the picture are even VEGAN! Yes because nailpolish contains fish scales and shellac (made by Lady Bugs).


Opi, Essia and Sally Hansen should consider to change their way of production! Such popular brands that still test on animals, absolutely a no-go! The mentioned nailpolishes in the picture are vegan, but this does not mean that their entire range of products is vegan.

The picture above is from Elephant room.
Visit their website for more information.


My favorite brands from the list:
China glaze

Brands that I want to try are:
Piggy paint

Nailpolish brands not on the picturebht animal friendly:
Catrice: cheap, loads of colors and good quality
Essence: cheap, great basecoats


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