Lush bubble bar “big bang”

Another week another bubble bar. Well as long as I have time, inspiration and bubble bars! This week’s topper is the big bang! With a bit of lemon ideal to start the day or feel fresh after a long day.

The smell of big bang

When I first took the Big bang up I found it smelling really sweet. It reminded me of the comforter, my favorite. It also contains zest of lemons and bits of grapefruit! Call it a mix between the sweet and fresh.

The look

Ha, this I had to google, because the pink part are actually 2 stars! Guess I had the most ugly one of them all. The blue is overwhelming and your bath will turn blue. The stars, or the thing in the middle is a bath melt. As you can see the yellow parts, it’s just decoration, it has no effect on the color of the water.


The effect
Well thanks to the Avocado butter it really moisturizes your skin. Next to avocado it also contains cocoa butter, olive oil and rice syrup. Don’t worry about the size, you will be able to use the bar for 3 times. Want a bubbly bath with extreme moisturizing effect, cut it in half. The stars in the middle are actually bath melts. The reason why this bubble bar is much more moisturizing for your skin.


The fact
This bubble bar smells lemonish, sweet and has a slighty shimmer effect. Your skin will be moisturized after.
This bar is animalfriendly, like all lush products.

I will buy this bar again! I love a bubble bar that moists my skin. Sometimes I buy bath melts but I miss bubbles and foam, this one is a great solution.
Did you ever tried the Big Bang bubble bar?
Any suggestions on which bar you want me to review next?


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