Buy local, feel better

Zalando, Sarenza, Asos, AliExpress,… we all know them, you might have already tried them but in the end are you happy with them? Well today I wanted to introduce the “buy local, feel better” movement.


Local stores have and are still suffering from our online shopping habbits. We spend our money in international companies who pay minimum wages, who pay no taxes in your country and who do not give a shit about you. So why do you keep buying online? Consider this before you keep on adding to you card.


Local stores provide services that online will not happen! Example number one, fitting. In a store the shopassistant will assit, help and give options. Online you can see it on perfect model. Changing sizes means sending packages back, arranging refunds,… . Local stores will always assist you much more.

Look all alike
When you can spot special things in small local business, online you might have it all… but beware. You will end up all being the same. Why? Because online trends, online marketing, “influencers” they create your opinion!

Support locals
When you buy local, people you know will benefit. Chances are the money you invested is also invested back in another local business. Perhaps you are even a reason why somebody might get a new job!

Unique community

The local business create your community. Keeping it local and amazing. But to keep it amazing you have to visit and support!

You often can keep buying online
Sounds awkward? Well most of the local stores have already an online shop. To survive, because they have to deliver at home. Oh and when it comes to food, you often have the chance to even buy it more cheap! Directly from the producer if possible.

Have you ever considered buying more local goods? It’s not only about the price, it’s also for the future, the feeling and the result!



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