Chick ‘ n ‘ mix bath bomb

Oooh gigantic bathbomb for easter… that looks like a Canadian! Yes all you southpark lovers will understand what U mean! Chick’n’ mix was the limited edition bath bomb that stole many hearts with Easter. But was I also in love.. keep on reading to discover it all!

3 times!

Yes this was the first bath bomb made out of 3 pieces. Use them seperatly or throw them in your tub all together. Because I find bath bombs expensive I used them seperately! I have to admit that the egg inside was just too little to have a great effect. The other two parts were more promissing. Main ingredients for this chick were tonka, bergamot and something called labdanium.
Unfortunately using them seperately produces no foam and no fun discoveries at all!

The head
When you use them all together you will have a green tub!! Using them seperately you will have once a yellow and next a blue bath tub! With the yellow head I did not really was immediately sold. It smells fresh. It looks fun, but it does not convince at all. The scent is not that strong. And although the purpose was to use the seperately I start to guess that using them at once would have get the best results





The little bunny inside

Not worth mentioning at all! It looks cute but seperately it just adds a bit of color.

The feet
Now, they convinced me! With a strong wood and musk smell you feel like bathing in perfume! The deep blue color relaxes me completely and I enjoy every minute in this tub!




Stupid me. I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing! So I went to the lushwebsite and took this one from them:


You get completely my canadian-part right?! If yo want to toss in Ike this is your chance 😆! Unfortunately I did not feel much for this chick’n’ mix! It’s too expensive only to enjoy the feet! My boyfriend was not impressed because he did not even mention the smell. Otherwise I would know it!

If you are a lover of wood, musk and strong smells this one for you!


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