Comfortably fabulous

Some people claim that comfortable outfits can’t look amazing! I wanted to proof them wrong! I selected some of the most amazing looks that are comfortable and fabulous! Want to know how to do it, keep on reading…

A long cardigan

Just like a long coat a long cardigan looks way more fabulous than a short version! It is comfortable, you won’t be cold, and it looks amazing! Even on short people! I recently bought one. Just make sure to fit and judge well, it has to be a bit above the ankles! Too long, too big or wrong fitting will make it look cheap! Easy to combine with simple jeans, sneakers and shirt! Ideal to wear in the weekend!




Go for sneakers

Yes, sneakers are often comfortable and fabulous! Vans, nike and adidas are the most well known sneakers. If I plan on walking a few miles I wear nike shoes, for work I combine jeans with Vans, Msgm slip ons! Slip ons always will look a bit more fashionable. Try no to follow trends blind, adidas stan smiths, yes we have seen them, now move on and try other brands/models. Clean them enough and they will look more classy!



No leggings, no joggings

Both of them should only be worn for workouts! Leggings are not pants, seriously do I really have to say this after all these years! Joggings… please, you have enough comfortable jeansbrands and other pants! Try a nice chino, wear a moms-jeans! Again fitting is everything, too big looks cheap, too tight will be not comfortable at all! Try the pants in the store, do they feel bad already but look good.. you will not wear them!



Do you love fashion but don’t want to give up on comfort? Go for the right fabrics. Silk, satin, hard fabrics are not comfortable! Chose linnen, cotton, feel the fabrics in store. Try on everything you buy because oversized is not always a good option!


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