Eye cream, because you are 30 now

Hi guys, last month I celebrated my 30th Birthday. I was scared to find it aweful, 30 is like a new era. People of that age are married, have children, a carrier, I have kitties and loads of stories! But what I know was that it was time to use eye cream!

Eye cream why?

Eye cream is said to reduce the effect of aging! And if I find something really important it is prevent to get wrinkles and bags! Why? Because my vanity says so! Some people call wrinkles beautiful, I don’t think so. I am honestly scared of aging. The skin around your eyes is more fragile than on other places. The part under your eyes dries out more easily. When you are tired, or you are aging your eyes will show it! Plus if you imagine how many times a day you blink your eyes you should not be surprised that you get wrinkles. Eye cream will not prevent the aging, but it will assist to make the wrinkles and bags less visible.

What you need

If you suffer from puffiness you have to look for a creme that contains caffeine. Collagen will maintain the elasticity, Vitamin C, peptides and retinol will boost the production of collagen. Make sure this is added in your eye cream. Next you have to make sure that your cream has the necessary moisturizers. Most known are hyaluronic acid and ceramide. Dark circles are caused by smoking, sun bathing, aging and genes. Make sure the cream contains Vitamine C if you have dark circles.

My choice
I went for Dr Organic. The products are ecofriendly, animalfriendly and organic. Another plus, no genetic manupulated ingredients, no parabenes, no harmfull chemicals!


This lovely eye cream smells like roses. The rose oil will moisturize your skin. I apply this eye serum ever night before going to bed. I have sensitive eyes but I have not yet got irritation once! I feel like this serum is absorbed easily and I love the smell. Dr Organic Rose Otto Eye serum says to boost the collagen production. Fights puffiness and reduces wrinkels.


Find out more on this amazing range called Rose Otto on website of Dr Organic. You can also find the ingredientlist on the website.

Does it work? Honestly I did not have real bags or wrinkles yet, but I want to prevent aging and I believe that this product is a great moisturizer. It does not do harm, so why would I not give it a try! Price is around 10€, I bought it at Holland&Barret, a store only selling bio/animalfriendly products. They often give nice discounts, I bought the nightcream half price from the same range.


2 thoughts on “Eye cream, because you are 30 now

  1. I’ve been using Burts Bees skin nourishment eye cream with royal jelly for about a month and a half, maybe 2. I really like it, but I need something every once in a while with more of a vitamin c punch to really brighten the skin. I thought about Ole Henriksen, but I don’t know I want to pay the price 😉

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    1. I know the feeling! I read that price often is not important with skincare products. So I tend to save some money buy looking at deals and sales! 😀but burts bees is amazing! 🙊👏🏼i have a tin of their ointment in my bag to work to use when necessary!

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