Amazing social unacceptable tattoos

Today,I came across the following amazing tattoos on Pinterest. They inspired me to create this post. Meet the most amazing social unacceptable tattoos.


Unfortunately some of the tattoos will not be accepted at all workplaces. I have the luck that my tattoos are accepted at work, so I do not need to hide them. But I can imagine that some of these would not be so accepted. Why? Because neck-, finger-, face- and handtattoos are still a bit taboo in some workareas. Or even in families. The following tattoos are not easy to hide, so think before you ink.


I absolutely love the word “clarity” in the neck or the eye. Both the designs are simple and so minimal that I love them. I would love love love to have a small letterword in my neck but unfortunately my job won’t let me. I am not planning on wearing scarfs all week long.




High on my wishlist, unfortunately I do not think my mom or my boss would agree. Fingertattoos are so pretty but also they heal not easily and they fade very fast. In between fingers is not ideal but the ones on top of the finger tend to last longer. I am a big fan of the moon and the leaves. Still I believe that one day my little pink-finger will be blessed with a small symbol.




As I am somebody who does not wear earrings often I believe I could get away with a small ear tattoo or in front of my ear. I absolutely adore the small dotwork. Unfortunately this can not be hidden at all… . For me this is still a no go. The mandala is the biggest one I selected but I absolutely love it. I would never get it, but I have been thinking about a word or a small symbol in my undercut. Still it seems that something stops me. It would not be visible always, but still… not convinced.



What did you think of the selection I gave you? High on my wishlist is the fingertattoo. You can’t hide them but I think it will be the least shocking for both my parents as my workplace.


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