Last week I had so much on my mind… but the words could not be placed on paper. Somehow I could not express myself. No creativity, endless workdays and some changes killed my vibe. For the first time in months I could cry for stupid things and could not write. My first writersblock.

Good thing that my writersblock was gone last Sunday! I felt so incomplete. Writing is my way of being creative. I usually have tons of ideas but last week was different. By Thursday I even got almost no energy left to workout! 😳

On Friday I was too late for work, went home early and wished the weekend would bring peace of mind. Another lazy evening in my couch with Netflix.

For all those who spend the time reading know how important a daily workout is for me. How I got rid of my writersblock? I went for a run. A run that I did not even want to start. A run that was doomed to fail, but nature just gave me so many vibes. On Monday I went for another run, in the woods. I reached the 30 minute run and ended up with some yoga! Yoga in the middle of nothing! Nothing but birds, trees and myself.

I love being all by myself. Yes I am seeing the song when you read this. I love spending time in nature. Although I love strolling to the city! This weekend I walked 6 km in Antwerp, after my first run. It gave me inspiration, a new sweater and reasons to loose some weight. 🙊🙈

It was the start of a new week, new goals and new vibes! So nature took my writersblock away. Although the sun wasn’t shining, the beauty of the scenery caught my attention.


Oh and guess what.. I could not even go shopping, so you know that my mood was really bad 😂!

Here is to new starts and new beginnings!


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