Got my mind set on you… Canada

Hi Guys, no fashion or beauty post today! No today I wanted to tell you my bucketlist number 1 of the moment! Yes I change my goals a lot,but this one is a keeper. Once I got my mind set on a thing it does not change easily! Meet my goal for 2017-2018… saving for Canada.

Why Canada?
For the amount of money that I will need for this travel I could buy Chanel, but I feel like travelling feeds me more. Awkward for somebody who is hooked on Lagerfeld, perhaps but lately I got this wanderlust in my veins. Chanel, Dior, Prada it’s nice to have, but it will not enrichen my mind as much as travelling! Canada is my number one hot spot because of nature and mountains!

Nature at it finest

When others are hooked on Thailand, Laos, Mexico, Japan,.. but my mind is set on Canada! The combination of mountains and the endless nature make it the ideal country for me. You have the endless nature. All in one country, mountains, lakes, woods,… damn they just have it all! Another big plus they speak French and English, guess who does to?


Silence and enjoy
I never saw such amazing pictures on Pinterest as from Canada. Did you known you can actually spot whales! Orkas! 😱



What you need to know
Niagara falls, Stanley park, Old Quebec… it’s just a small part of this amazing country. A helitrip over the Rocky Mountains in winter. When you go for snowboarding and skiing go to Banff. This place is located in the center of the Rocky Mountains and has 3 skiresorts. Banff also offers hot springs and spas! What do you mean it seems like you are hooked on Banff already? Yes this part of Canada is on the first place of my list! Winter at Lake Louise is the most incredible thing I could experience.



Who of you guys has ever travelled to Canada??? Do you have tips and tricks for me? I probably go for 10 days the first time.. not enough I know 🙈!


4 thoughts on “Got my mind set on you… Canada

  1. Canada is beautiful! You HAVE to do Banff (pictured above). I have a few blog posts on it. Calgary is a fun city! Vancouver is beautiful. SO much to do! I haven’t yet done Toronto or Montreal but I want to!

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