How to eat healthy on a budget

Since a couple of weeks I tried to eat less processed food and go for better options. What I noticed was that the more grains, the less fat a product contained the higher the price. I did managed to discover some tips to stay on a budget.

Breakfast first

My breakfast contains blueberries, bananas, strawberries, vegan yoghurt and some grains. When you change fresh food with frozen alternatives you will be able the exact amount without being left with rotten parts! I take out the amount I need every single day out of my freezer and blend it directly. Less vitamines? Not true. Make sure to watch the price! Last week I bought 500 grams
Of fresh blueberries and frozen them.Another thing I do is buy unsweetened soy yoghurt instead of the one with vanilla flavor. Less calories and even a bit better for my budget. Grains are bought from unknown brands. You will see, often you only pay for the name of brand.

Veggies? Try to go for seasonal products. You will see the once who are the less expensive are the seasonal once! I often go for the freezed-option. Spinach is even better frozen because it contains even more vitamines. Meat is one of those things I do not eat but it can costs a lot. So become vegetarien and save money! Vegan/vegetarien products are often expensive. I often buy more products when they are in sale and keep them in the freezer. Chickpeas are ideal for vegetarians and very cheap. Buying bulk is often cheaper, learn how to keep and store products and you will save money.

Tap water
Instead of buying bottles of water you could be drinking tapped water. It is safe and will save you money.

Compare stores

Often stores will provide weekly discounts. Keep an eye on the coupons and deals! Buy one get one for free is ideal. Don’t be tricked into buy 3 get one… do you really need 3?

Buy your superfoods online

These products cost a lot, do you need them? Depending on what you think. If you want them check out online deals or become a member of a store. Often you can receive discounts on certain products. I also keep an eye on the discount-corner. You never known what you might find.

Build a budget and plan your meals
When you plan your meals you will be less tempted to buy without using the products. Keep an eye on the amount of money your planning to spend each time you go shopping. Vegan options are often expensive so look online for alternatives. Did you know that meat does not need to be replaced? Build your meal out on grains and veggies!

Do you have budget tips available?share them!




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