Guilty pleasure of the week

Hi Guys, on this holy sunday I wanted to start a new “trend” on my blog. The guilty pleasure of the week. A guilty pleasure is something ridiculous that you enjoy so much!

Guilty pleasure number one..

I love washing my hair. Sound stupid right! If I could I would wash it every single day! Unfortunately it is not really great for your hair so… i don’t do it! But when I wash them I walk around with a ridiculous big towel. I don’t blow dry my hair.

I always wash my hair twice. First time to clean my hair and the second time to nourish it. I finish with conditioner or vitamines. Then I wear my big towel.
Drying it like this takes at least 2 hours… so 🙄 another reason why I don’t wash it every day.

Often I feel more clean and fresh after washing my hair. I can not imagine this being true but it just satisfies me. I always add a massage between the 2 washings. It takes loads of time. But i just enjoy it so much!

My favorite thing to buy has to be shampoo! I buy mostly Lush and Alverde and my ultimate favorite has to BIG. The volume, the smell, the scrubbing! My conditioner is one from Alverde. I do use a hairmask a few times, but often I just walk around with my conditioner on my hair for 20 minutes. I do believe that less is more.

Secret to healthy hair? No heat! I seldom dry my hair, never use a straightener or curling iron! I color my hair with natural products and I get my hair cut on several times (by myself). Actually I check my hair almost each week! If I would live in Antwerp I would go to the hairdresser… or if I did not waste all my money on shampoo🤔

Stupid.. yes! But it’s just me! 🙈do you have the same guilty pleasure?


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