My favorite combo

Hi guys, I have been using Lush for a while now and I have already tried some combinations but today I wanted you to inform you on the most amazing combination ever…

On of them is probably the favorite one for most lushies, and he is only available once a year… meet Snowfairy! A glitterish pink shower gell that smells like candy. It looks so amazing, pink with glitters, it smells like heaven! Yes it has the most sweet smell, without being too much! I always buy extra bottles during the Lush annual sale. Yes it’s only once a year sale at lush, after Christmas. Be beware Snowfairy is on of the most popular Christmasproducts! Be fast or it’s gone.

My other favorite one is The Comforter. This bubble bar is a classic one. It has a nice pink/purple color and it smells so sweet. If you want to relax this bubble bar is a musttry! The smell is a combination of cassis and bergamot.

My ultimate combo… adding snowfairy in a bath full of the comforter. Think sweet smell, pink bath and loads of foam! You can drop in a few splashes of snowfairy in the tub and mix it with your hands. Next you take a piece of the comforter and hold it under the tab. What you can expect a foamy tub that smells like candy! After you will feel completely relaxed. Sad to know is that you will not smell like this the entire day. So enjoy the time in the tub, read a magazine, close you eyes and just enjoy!


Little facts Lush is animal friendly and no animals were hurt for your bathing moment!

Have you ever tried one of these products? I guess you could call them my favorite lushproducts!

Ps one bar of the comforter will fill up 3 baths! So don’t overdo it!


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