Progress means don’t give up

Wohooo I managed to run 8k again! Not in the forest but on the streets. I even walked O,5km to get the 8k out of my legs! The euforia after is really the reason why I drag myself outside.

I always wanted to get back to where I started, a few years ago I managed to run 17km! I’m now not even half but I just have minimalised my goals. Let’s settle for 10 first and see the progress after! I still believe that small goals and increase them. And don’t worry we all have a less good day. Sometimes I have to quit at 5k… somedays I even don’t reach it. It’s just a process.


Don’t give up
On those bad days I do feel like quitting! Running, pfff maybe I just have to go bikeriding, dancing or whatever. But honestly progress is always a part of your journey, even on those moments. The ones who quit don’t make progress, but fighting back, starting over that’s the biggest goal! I believe that it’s a mindset. And not giving up is good in each situation!


I even showed up a bit too late at work because I was busy working out. I guess I believe really in the effect of working out on my happiness. I not only feel better, I feel more happy, more confident and like this is a thing I have to invest in! Working out has the most high priorith on my to do list…


So no matter how bad your workout was, at least you did it! Because it’s not about the weight, for me it’s about the happy feeling after. The fact that I manage to run those miles, each single time. Because so many people “give up”. And you are stronger because you keep on going. Each time I see some progress, And yes you are sore after, but it will get better! The only real bad workout is the one you did not do!


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