Amsterdam, so ready for you

In a few weeks it’s time to hit the city of Amsterdam! And how I have been looking forward to this. Ok I admit I can’t complain, it has been exactly one month since I went to Austria. So Amsterdam, what to do overthere, where to go and what to eat!

Food in Amsterdam
De Bolhoed, prinsengracht 60 is high on my wishlist! Why? Because it’s vegetarian, healthy and it’s looks really cute! Next stop will be indionesian food, Amsterdam is known to have an amazing indonisian spirit! How awesome because both me and my boyfriend love love love rice tables!
Next up I want to go to Mook Pancakes, clerqstraat 34! Why? Because pancakes!

Visit the JORDAAN

The Jordaan is a small, arty street in Amsterdam. Expect lovely small bars and restaurants and loads of ART! Visiting this street is like going back in time. You can easily get lost.

Visit the Nine Streets

200 small independent shops, this is better than all the chainstores together! If you want to spend money in Amsterdam and you look for unique items! This is the place!


Things to do in Amsterdam:
– rent a bike, it’s the most easy way to discover the city
– go on a boattrip or call it a canalcruise
– smell tulips and discover small markets
– discover the foodhallen, an indoor place with all kinds of foodtrucks and drinks
– visit a park or one of the many festivals in Amsterdam
– if you like the musea go for the Anne Frank House or get inspired by Van Gogh.

The pictures in this post are from Pinterest! Expect some real pictures coming up next month!



Did you already visited Amsterdam??? Tips and to do’s that I should known?? Feel free to share! I went a lot to the following website


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