Avocado tattoos, why not?

Tattoos, you love them or hate them, well for all you avocado-lovers but tattoohaters this might change your mind. Discover the most cute, amazing and detailles avocado tattoos in this post. Curious? Keep on reading!

Detailled and beautiful

I found all these amazing pictures on pinterest, just search on “avocado tattoo” and keep on clicking! If you are into details and don’t want it to be colorful. I have this amazing idea for you!


Think this is too much and you just want it to be a bit more simple? How about just the fruit! Yes an avocado is a fruit, just so you know! Take this tattoo with your partner or you bestfriend. Who takes the seed-part?


If you want it simple and not too outspoken. Just think lines and not many shade. When you go for this tattoo, you can easily place it everywhere. And you can hide it so easy!


Color and cute

An avocado can be a real girly, girly tattoo-idea! How about mixing your two favorites in one design? Cats and avocados.. it’s all possible.


Old school tattoos are always a bit more cute than just a regular black/white one. Think loads of color and it can fit anywhere!!


One of my personal favorites is the following. Just because of how cute, yet timeless it is.


If you love a more realistic tattoo, go for something like this.


Are you a true avocado-lover? I mean why not get it tattooed? Some people have a slice of pizza on their wrist, other prefer Care Bears, what’s the difference? If you like it, get it inked! But always think before you get a tattoo, which design, which artist and placing!


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