French? Ah oui

So the last few days I already had some French vibes and it reflected in my outfits. Stripes? Check! And even a hat. Curious about the latest looks, keep on reading.

How to dress french

What you actually need is stripes, great basics and something special. Special always means a nice bag, sneakers or a hat. Don’t overdo it on the colors. Parisians keep it simple, blue, black, white and grey always work. Avoid pink. Pink is for girls and Parisians are ladies. My favorite item is this French Connection long sleeve. Combine it with a blazer, jeans and sneakers and you are cityproof. Skip the blazer and go for a cardigan if you want to dress down.



A hat a day
If you might think that a normal french look is boring, just add a hat. It gives this updated look. It’s a bit rock’n’roll. This look might even be too boring without a nice accessory but a striped shirt is something you really need. This striped shirt is from Springfield. Not to expensive but it has great fit! If you don’t want to spend a lot, look at the quality of the fabric and the fitting. Never buy a size too tiny.. that’s not french! French ladies do not look cheap. They look classy!


What do you think about the looks?? Got a bit inspired! What’s your favorite why to dress french? Do you have musthaves?


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