Guilty pleasure

Sunday funday! Guilty pleasure number 2 this week! Today I am gonna share my ultimate favorite band with you guys…
What do you expect?

Babyshambles! Yes or the Libertines. I kinda like them both but I do love Babyshambles somewhat more. Almost the same band, I admit probably why I can not decide. Yes my favorite band includes my favorite artist enfant terribles mister Pete Doherty! The junkie of british music, but what a talented man he is! I have actually started listening to babyshambles a long, long time ago. I think he was probably dating Kate Moss at that time. The single fuck forever stole my heart and I am hooked ever since!!

As a lover of most british bands I prefer more rock’n’roll than the kooks.Give me The smiths, Oasis, The Cure, guess Libertines and Babyshambles fit that picture perfectly. Songs about mayhem, guys who bring mayhem… it’s always been my weakness! And yes I have seen them perform live and no it was not always amazing. But the last times Pete was back and performing better than ever!


After listening to all the songs a million times I still like them. I often put them on during my workouts. I think this music is ideal to get rid of all my feelings!


Favorite track, hard to pick so here is a selection of the song I love the most. I went for some unknown ones. More fun for you guys to discover.



Honestly I think because off the fuzz around doherty many people ignored the music. A bit a shame because he really writes and creates amazing songs! It’s all about looking at the bigger picture in this case. He is not the ex-junkie, ex of moss, he’s a creative mind. People tend to forget that a lot of bands are bad when they perform live! Give some songs a try and then decide. You might like it! 💖


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