Chanel Cruise 2018

Oh spring, time to look at Vogue and dream. Yes May is the time for the springcollections aka “cruise collection”. Just like each year I end up dreaming about Chanel on the Vogue website. Honestly I loved this years show and this is why…

Back to the past

The Cruise Collection from this year was presented in La Grand Palais in Paris. Normally the cruise collecions are always presented around the world. Remember the fuzz about Cuba last year. This year Chanel stays in Paris. For this collection Karl Lagerfeld went back to ancient Greece. Titled “The Modernity of Antiquity,” .



Gold accents, gladiator shoes, draping, off shoulder looks and a headband. These are the most important items of the looks. Back in these periods in history women were instroduced as godesses! What a great homage to us!


My favorite look
I completely fell in love with the complete blue look. The golden chanel logo is so pretty, yet subtile. It looks amazing, is wearable and so pretty!


That jacket
And altough the setting might change some items will always be classic. Like the signature tweed jacket. Also represent in this Cruise Collection.


Facts: the entire grand palais was redecorated to look real ancient and Green.
None of his muses, lilly-rose, Gigi and others made it to the show… still recovering from the Met Gala. Shame on you muses!

So if you love to watch pictures of fashion shows, head over to the vogue website! You can watch all looks presented by each designer!

What was your favorite look of this show? Do you remember the iconic tshirt from last year from Cuba? I still adore it. It has “lifegoals” written all over it! Cruise collections are often more wearable and somewhat more “young” 💖.



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