The joy of 10 K!

Hi Guys, just two days after hitting 8K I managed to run 10,2K! You could not believe how happy I was with reaching this goal. It has been 2 years since I managed to run this magic number! Although each run feels good it has been playing in my mind that I could not run 10 K anymore…

10 K in 1 month

I guess it has been my mindset that let me down because if you see how I managed to hit 10 k in only one month I quite surprised myself. My physique is not that bad at all! It has been all in my mind that I was tired after a 5 k run. After being home from my last snowboarding trip me and my boyfriend started our trailrunning adventure. Bit more heavy than just your regular streetrun. I admit I hit the 10 K on the streets. I started with 5 k in the woods and increasing each time but we did not really went above 8K.

image1 (1)

Mental game

I guess you have to admit that we all can run. You actually do not need no special capacity or anything. You just have to get started, focus and set goals. Minor goals that you can increase easily at the start. Each win will make you feel better and you will more easily continue your workout. Getting over that 5 K is hard!
What I need to reach this :
– a great outfit, I have to feel good in my clothes
– a great pair of running shoes (I will never run without my NikeFree runs)
– a regular workout
– a great playlist
I downloaded Deezer so I can listen to my favorite bands.

When you feel like giving up during after that first 30 minutes it’s mentally hard to keep on going. I just try to make my runs this big that I could not quit. I would have to walk a long time and would be too late for work. Next I kept telling to myself “cmon you can do this” , “one more street, cmon”. Sounds so stupid but it really helpt me reach the 10 K.

And now?

Awkward, I have set no new goals yet. I just want to manage to run 10 k a few more times before hitting 12K. I still think that I believe that overdoing it is not really good. I do not want to end up with sore knees like in the past (I used to ran 17K). But the best part is that I feel more happy in my body. And that is why I do it. That body-acceptance part. Because working out is great, but being happy with my body is the ultimate!


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