My favorite summer looks

Hi guys,
Today I searched on pinterest my favorite Summer looks! And I found some interesting looks. Keep on reading if you want to know what to buy for this summer!

Skirt and shirt
I love love love long skirts! I do not wear skirts often but I do love how a long skirt looks on every woman! Yes because no matter your bodytype a long skirt is always a big yes. Combine the skirt with a simple shirt for a more casual look. This look is more dressed down and you can wear it to any occasion!


All black punk
Vans are back and here to stay! Combine them with skinny jeans and band shirt and you are ready to rock a festival. An all black outfit is so amazing and simple at the same time. If you are in doubt this outfit gives you the necessary confident. Want to add color, buy Vans in a crazy color! They launch so many awesome collections.


Suits you
This twinset stole my heart. It looks boho chique. Yes this beats most MK Olsen looks! I think you can never have enough of these pants for summer. Loose, not too warm, office proof. Easy to combine with a simple white shirt or black (depending on the color of the pants). Combine the 2 pieces together for a nice event like a wedding and wear seperately for a dressed down look! Investing in a 2 piece is the best thing you can do! I bought it years ago from french connection and I still wear the pieces seperately.


Break my bankaccount

This last look is sooooooo amazing. That gucci! Yes sometimes a girl can dream. I love the Gucci sneakers and belt. I would combine it with another bag but this outfit proofs that the right accessories can really create a look. Simple jeans and white shirt are updated with these designer items!


Did you expected dresses? Well dresses are easy, it’s one piece… these looks are so much more fun!


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