Tattoos that hide the past

Dear followers, today I wanted to present to you a way to say goodbye to the past. And although we may not like our past it has been a part of our life. This post will show some brilliant ideas to cover up scars. Because no matter if it was selfharm, surgery, burning marks or anything else. Covering up something that makes you feel bad is always the best option.

Selfharmvictims are sometimes each day confronted with their past. The wounds may heal, but some scars don’t go away. When they want to cover them up a tattoo is a great option. Making something beautiful from an ugly past. Burnvictims suffer the same strugle. They are faced each day with the past.



The following pictures show that you can really hide scars of every level. The tattoos really hides the scar. In the picture above you might still see the small scars between the thin lines. If you go for a full collored tattoo it is more easy to hide.If you want to look for inspiration. All the pictures in these postnare from pinterest.





When you go for a cover up be aware. Sometimes the skin is more sensitive. So perhaps it might hurt more as on other places. Even after a big surgery you always have to have patience before getting the scar covered up.



When you want to have scares coved up you have to make sure they are healed completely. And you have to ask the tattoo artist if it is possible to cover up the scar. A great tip is to go for designs with loads of red. Most scars are a bit red, and they will vanish in the design. Offcourse from some angle they will still be visible.


Sometimes a tattoo is also a release. No more shame, no more awkward looks from others. It will be a relief. You will feel better.


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