Lush’s MoM bath bomb

Another week another test! This week I wanted to tell you all about the Mother’s Day Bath Bomb. With a very correct but also rather boring name “MUM”. When you read this review you will know if this bath bomb is something for you!

Pinkish delight
The Mum bath bomb has these lovely pink, green and yellow colors and a real cool look. It was the reason why I picked it up in the store. You also had the dad-version,’ but I loved these colors more!
The letters are so cute that it’s absolutely a great gift! Yes the look and colors are already perfect.



Lemon and roses
The scent of this bath bomb is a mix of oranges, lemons and roses. Making it floral yet fruity. I liked it a lot when I grabed it up in the store. My boyfriend was not convinced. When I used this Mum the entire bathroom smelled so fresh. I love it. I have to admit that I was not really relaxed, it more awakend my senses.


The result
You will have a fizzy bath bomb for a few minutes leaving a nice present and color behind. I do admit that I did not notice any moisturizing effects. It was nice to use, but not the most and best bath bomb that I tried. I find the effect to low for the price. Let’s say a bigger bath bomb is worth more the investment.

The little note did put a smile on my face.




Bought this combine it with bath melt or bubble bar to experience the full package and have a moisturized skin. I do prefer a bath melt instead of this bomb and they are only half the price.

Did you try this bath bomb? Did you enjoy it? Pro’s and cons?


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