Dr Organic Lavender conditioner

Today I wanted to introduce to you my favorite conditioner! Not only do I love their skinproducts I also gave the conditioner a try… read why this organic, ecofriendly hairconditioner became my favorite!


This conditioner smells already amazing when I open the bottle! A smell of Lavender takes over the room. I take a small amount and rub it over my head. Heaven. The lavender smell is strong, not to chemical. Lush lovers can compare it with Sleepy! It actually smells the same. Lavender has a relaxing effect and that’s why I love it so much. I have a lot of stress and if something has a relaxing effect I have to try it.

The effect
I was looking for a great conditioner for a little while. I tried a lot of Lush products but they were not that effective. I need strong conditioner because I have so much hair! I let it dry to the air and don’t comb it. No I am not covered with dreads. I just try to grow healthy, long hair! Combing wet hair and blowdryers are so bad. This conditioner detangles my hair and it feels soft. Plus the lavender smell really lasts long!


I only use animalfriendly products. I am a big fan from Alverde, but it’s only available in Germany. I also love Lush but sometimes I love to try other products and save money! I bought this lavender conditioner 2 for the price of 1! I paid €8,99 for 2 bottles! Ow it’s a bargain. Dr Organic often has these amazing sales and I love sales.
Next the product has no chemical ingredients and that’s why it is ideal for everybody!

If you take a look at the picture you can see immediately the ingredients and that it’s free from damaging products!


Did you already try Dr Organic products? Do you love lavender because this is a musthave!


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